Romain Valabrègue




Analyses de données

Informatique et réseau

Ingénieur de recherche (INSERM)

Present position
INSERM Research Engineer at the CENIR

  • Automatisation of MRI data analysis (fMRI, DTI, VBM, spectroscopy).
  • Optimization of acquisition sequences.
  • Computers network administration

Professional experience
2006-now Engineer at the CENIR 3T MRI center.
2005-2006 Engineer R&D in SCITO company : informatics development for client-server application dedicated to clinical use of advanced MRI.
2004-2005 Post-doc in the Neurobase project (Rennes, France). Development of web application for sharing data and processing in fMRI.

1998-2003 PhD in Biophysic “Modelisation of the relation between neural activity and the BOLD signal in fMRI” from the University of Paris VI.
1997-1998 DEA in molecular Biophysic.
1995-1998 Graduated Engineer from Ecole Centrale de Lyon.


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