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1 Assessment of Subcortical Source Localization Using Deep Brain Activity Imaging Model with Minimum Norm Operators: A MEG Study
Attal Y, Schwartz D (2013)
PLoS ONE 8(3)
2 Salient social cues are prioritized in Autism Spectrum Disorders despite overall decrease in social attention
Chevallier, C., Huguet, P., Happé, F., George, N. & Conty, L. (2013)
Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 43:1642–1651
3 Evidence for MEG detection of hippocampus oscillations and cortical gamma-band activity from simultaneous intracranial EEG
Dalal, SS., Jerbi, K., Bertrand, O., Adam, C., Ducorps, A., Schwartz, D., Garnero, L., Baillet, S., Martinerie, J., Lachaux, J-P.
Epilepsy & Behavior (2013) 28 (2), 310-311
4 MEG Evidence for Dynamic Amygdala Modulations by Gaze and Facial Emotions
Dumas, T., Dubal, S., Attal, Y., Morel, S., Chupin, M., Jouvent, R., & George, N. (2013).
PloS ONE, 8(9)
5 Comparative performance evaluation of data-driven causality measures applied to brain networks
Fasoula A, Attal Y, Schwartz D (2013)
J Neurosci Methods, 215(2): 170–189
6 Multimodal information improves the rapid detection of mental fatigue
Laurent F, Valderrama M, Besserve M, Guillard M, Lachaux JP, Martinerie J, Florence G (2013)
Biomedical Signal Processing and Control
7 Neural dynamics of neglected targets in patients with right hemisphere damage
Rastelli, F, Tallon-Baudry, C., Migliaccio, R., Toba, M., Ducorps, A., Pradat-Diehl, P., Duret, C., Dubois, B., Valero-Cabré, A., Bartolomeo, P. (2013)
Cortex, 49(7)
8 The role of facial expressions in attention orienting in adults and infants
Rigato, S., Menon, E., Di Gangi, V., George, N., & Farroni, T. (2013).
International Journal of Behavioral Development, 37(2): 154-159
9 A Cognitive Neuroscience View on Pointing: What is Special About Pointing with the Eyes and Hands?
Ulloa, J.L., & George, N. (2013)
Humana.Mente Journal of Philosophical Studies, 24, in press.
10 Sustained neural activity to gaze and emotion perception in dynamic social scenes
Ulloa, J.L., Puce, A., Hugueville, L., & George, N. (2013)
SCAN, first published online November 30, 2012
11 Impaired auditory sampling in dyslexia: further evidence from combined fMRI and EEG
Lehongre K, Morillon B, Giraud AL, Ramus F.
Neuroimage. 2013 Dec;83:438-49
12 Brain dynamic neurochemical changes in dystonic patients: A magnetic resonance spectroscopy study
Marjańska M, Lehéricy S, Valabrègue R, Popa T, Worbe Y, Russo M, Auerbach EJ, Grabli D, Bonnet C, Gallea C, Coudert M, Yahia-Cherif L, Vidailhet M, Meunier S.
Mov Disord. 2012
13 Watch out! Magnetoencephalographic Evidence for Early Modulation of Attention Orienting by Fearful Gaze Cueing
Lachat, F., Farroni, T. & George, N.
PloS ONE, in press (2012)
14 Head models and dynamic causal modeling of subcortical activity using magnetoencephalographic/electroencephalographic data.
Attal Y, Maess B, Friederici A, David O
Rev Neurosci (2012)
15 Cortical oscillations and sensory predictions
Arnal LH, Giraud AL.
Trends Cogn Sci.(2012)
16 Spatial attention and conscious perception: interactions and dissociations between and within endogenous and exogenous processes
Chica AB, Botta F, Lupiáñez J, Bartolomeo P.
Neuropsychologia (2012)
17 Early binding of gaze, gesture and emotion: neural time course and correlates
Conty, L., Dezecache, G., Hugueville, L., and Grezes, J
Journal of Neuroscience (2012)
18 Does the brain know who is at the origin of what in an imitative interaction?
Dumas G, Martinerie J, Soussignan R, Nadel J.
Frontiers in Human Neuroscience (2012)
19 Very early modulation of brain responses to neutral faces by a single prior association with an emotional context: evidence from MEG
Morel, S., Beaucousin, V., Perrin, M., & George, N
NeuroImage (2012)
20 Cortical oscillations and speech processing: emerging computational principles
Giraud AL, Poeppel D
Nature neuroscience (2012)
21 Anatomical connectivity influences both intra- and inter-brain synchronizations.
Dumas G, Chavez M, Nadel J, Martinerie
PLoS One (2012)
22 Oscillatory brain correlates of live joint attention: a dual-EEG study
Lachat, F., Hugueville, L., Lemaréchal, J.-D., Conty, L., & George, N
In Frontiers Research Topic “Towards a neuroscience of social interaction”, Frontiers in Human Neuroscience (2012)
23 Gaze cueing effect in a face-to-face situation
Lachat, F., Conty, L., Hugueville, L., & George, N
journal of Nonverbal Behavior(2012)
24 Behavioural and magnetoencephalographic evidence for the interaction between semantic and episodic memory in healthy elderly subjects
La Corte, V., Dalla Barba, G., Lemaréchal, J.-D., Garnero, L., & George, N.
Brain Topography (2012)
25 Activity in the lateral occipital cortex between 200 and 300 ms distinguishes between physically identical seen and unseen stimuli
Liu Y, Paradis A-L, Yahia Cherif L, Tallon-Baudry C
Frontiers in Human Neuroscience (2012)
26 Spinal modulation of nociception by music
Roy M, Lebuis A, Hugueville L, Peretz I, Rainville P.
Eur J Pain (2012)
27 Identifying an increased risk of epileptic seizures using a multi-feature EEG–ECG classification
Valderrama M., Alvarado C., Nikolopoulos S., Martinerie J., Adam C., Navarro V., Le Van Quyen M
Biomed. Signal Proc. and Control (2012)
28 Human gamma oscillations during slow wave sleep
Valderrama M, Crépon B, Botella-Soler V, Martinerie J, Hasboun D, Alvarado-Rojas C, Baulac M, Adam C, Navarro V, Le Van Quyen PLoSONE 7(4) (2012)
29 Early dissociation between neural signatures of endogenous spatial attention and perceptual awareness during visual masking
Wyart V, Dehaene S, Tallon-Baudry C
Frontiers in Human Neuroscience (2012)
30 A fast and automatic neural categorization of money in the human ventral visual pathway
Tallon-Baudry C, Meyniel F, Bourgeois-Gironde S.
PLoS One, 2011, in press
31 Altered low-gamma sampling in auditory cortex accounts for the three main facets of dyslexia.
Lehongre, K., Ramus, F., Villiermet, N., Schwartz, D., Giraud, AL
Neuron, in press (2011)
32 The early detection of emotion by the human brain
George, N
Annales Medico-Psychologiques. Volume169, Issue 2, 112-114. (2011)
33 Line Garnero (1955-2009): pluridisciplinarity at the heart. Tribute to Line Garnero.
Baillet, S.,   Brunoi, J., Chavel, P., Colliot, O.,  Cuniot-Ponsard, M., Dormont, D., Lalanne, P., Martinerie, J.,  Renault, B., Tallon-Baudry, C., Zalc, B.
IRBM, Volume 32, Isssue 1, 1-7. (2011)
34 Multiresolution imaging of MEG cortical sources
Cotterau,B., Jerbi,K.,Baillet,S.(2007)
Neuroimage 38: 439-51
35 Coherent neural representation of hand speed in humans revealed by MEG imaging
Jerbi,K.,Lachaux, J-P.,N’Diaye, K.,Pantazis,D.,Leahy, R-M.,Garnero, L.,Baillet,S. (2007)
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sciences 104(18) : 7676-7681
36 Time-Frequency analysis reveals decreased hight frequency oscillations in patients with writer’s cramp
Cimati, Z., Schwartz, D., Bourdain, F., Meunier, S., Vidailhet, M., Renault, B. and Garnero, L. (2007)
Brain 130(1) :198-205
37 Distinct and independent correlates of awareness and attention in a hemianopic patient
Schurger A, Cowey A, Cohen JD, Treisman A, Tallon-Baudry C (2008)
Neuropsychologia, 46(8):2189-97
38 Neural Dissociation Between visual awareness and spatial attention
Wyart, V., Tallon-Baudry, C. (2008).
J .Neuroscience, 8(10):2667-79.
39 Rapid interactions between the ventral visual stream and emotion related structures rely on a two-pathway architecture
Rudrauf D, David O, Lachaux J-P, Kovack CK, Martinerie J, Renault B, & Damasio A, (2008).
J. Neuroscience, 28(11): 2793–2803.
40 Cortical dynamics of anticipatory mechanisms in interception: a neuromagnetic study
Senot P, Baillet S, Renault B, & Berthoz A, (2008).
J. Cognitive Neuroscience 20(10): 1827-38.
41 Optical flow and advection on 2-Riemannian manifolds: a common framework. IEEE transactions on pattern
Lefèvre, J., Baillet S, Renault B (2008).Analysis & Machine Intelligence, 30(6):1081-1092.
42 Dynamic small-world behavior in functional brain networks unveiled by an event-related networks approach
Valencia, M., Martinerie, J., Dupont, S., Chavez, M. (2008).
Physical Review E, 77
43 Electrophysiological Approaches to the non-invasive source localization of brain activity : MagnétoEncéphaloGraphy in Stereotaxy and Epilepsy Neurosurgery
D. Schwartz, P Toulouse, H, Duffau, JM Scarabin.
John Libbey . in press (2011)
44 How Ongoing Fluctuations in Human Visual Cortex Predict Perceptual Awareness: Baseline Shift versus Decision Bias
Valentin Wyart, Catherine Tallon-Baudry (2009)
Journal of Neuroscience, 29: 8715-8725
45 Unconscious learning versus visual perception: dissociable roles for gamma oscillations revealed in MEG
Maximilien Chaumon, Denis P Schwartz, Catherine Tallon-Baudry (2009)
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 21(12):2287-99.
46 The birth of musical emotion: a depth electrode case study in a human subject with epilepsy
Dellacherie D, Pfeuty M, Hasboun D, Lefevre J, Hugueville L, Schwartz DP, Baulac M, Adam C, Samson S.  (2009)
Ann N YAcad Sci 1169, 336-41
47 The roles of gamma-band oscillatory synchrony in human visual cognition
Tallon-Baudry C.(2009)
Frontiers in Bioscience, 14:331-332
48 Modelling and detecting deep brain activity with MEG and EEG
Attal, Y.; Bhattacharjee, M.; Yelnik, J.; Cottereau, B.; Lefèvre, J.; Okada, Y.; Bardinet, E.; Chupin, M. & Baillet S. (2009)
IRBM-Biomed.Eng. & Res., 30:133-38
49 Simultaneous MEG and intracranial EEG recordings during attentive reading
Dalal S, Baillet S, Adam C, Ducorps A, Schwartz D, Jerbi K, Bertrand O, Garnero L, Martinerie J, Lachaux J-P.
NeuroImage 45, 1289-1304: 2009
50 Dual Neural Routing of Visual Facilitation in Speech Processing
L. H. Arnal, B. Morillon, C A. Kell, and A-L Giraud. Journal of Neuroscience, October 28, 2009 • 29(43):13445–13453
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