Charlotte Rosso

Clinical Scientist
MCU-PH, Service des Urgences Cérébro-vasculaires, Groupe Hospitalier Pitié-Salpêtrière
ICM Unité U1127 (APHP - UPMC - inserm - CNRS)


Charlotte Rosso is a stroke specialist working in the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital. She completed her PhD  in 2009 with Sylvain Baillet (CNRS UPR 640 LENA) on diffusion MRI biomarkers on stroke patients’ outcome prediction. During her post doc at the ICM (COGIMAGE group), she developped her skills with functional MRI and non invasive brain stimulation techniques (NIBS) to study brain plasticity after stroke and in order to apply individualized treatments to patients. Now, she belonged to the CONAM group in the ICM since 2015. She already completed 3 research programs as a PI (INSULINFARCT, IRMAS, CRAISI), and is running two (PAS_AVC, ISIS).

Research programs

PAS_AVC: The goal of this study is to test the efficacy of paired associative stimulation techniques using cerebellar or visual afferences in motor stroke patients (n=60). The primary endpoint will be the changes in laterality indices in the primary motor cortex during a tracking motor fMRI task. Characteristics of responders to the treatment will be analyzed with structural MRI and electrophysiological variables.

ISIS: The goal of this study is to investigate neuronal and glial metabolite diffusion changes at different time points after ischemic stroke, in both infarcted and non-infarcted hemispheres. We aim at getting non-invasively important information on the evolution of the cellular damage in this disease, and possibly distinguishing between neuronal and glial processes  as well as on the different mechanisms leading to metabolite diffusion changes in the two brain areas, thus providing a great impact on the strategy of treatment for patients with cerebral infarction.

RESSTORE: We participated in this european program (HORIZON 2020) which test the efficacy of allogenic mesenchymal stem cells in acute ischemic stroke. Functional and structural MRI will be acquired before treatment and at 6 months post stroke.

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